Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.

-Oscar Wilde

Azealia Banks- 212

So, I have no idea what she says, a bit of language… but I think the Micky Mouse sweater sort of balances that out

Know your roots

Know your roots


I was born in the wrong year. 

I was born in 1986, and as a Yankees fan, you will constantly be reminded that the Yankees did not win the world series that year… the Mets did.

But that’s not the reason I was born in the wrong year… although it has crossed my mine once or twice as a kid.

I was born in the wrong year because I cant get a job. I was born in the wrong year because I’ve been fed this reality that I don’t want to swallow.

I’m allergic to failure… my body rejects going to work everyday… the classic 9-5 where printing papers, filing and managing heavy calendars are a daily task. Having a strong telephone voice are things you take pride in. Your blazer and heels, hair pined back neatly and professional appearance… a facade. Sure you may look like you are doing something your proud of, but to be honest, your not. 

This is not to diminish all those that do work as an administrative. There is an unacknowledged art to being both pleasant to work with and getting things done, but the fulfillment, for a young woman who spent thousands of wasted dollars on a top journalism degree… is just not there.

It’s one thing to loose a championship game growing up and feeling that sense of loss… that kind of loss you can bounce back from. It’s fuel to fire you through next year’s season. It’s another thing to loose at, and continue to loose at the one thing you’ve dedicated countless of years perfecting. It’s like being MVP of the league for four years in a row and never winning a ring.

I write this more for my own sanity and as a opening for discussion. No one, should feel like they were born in the wrong year. To know that a college educated, deans list scholar could have succeeded less than 10 years ago, but not today… I was born in the wrong year.  

-Sarina Morales



Two billboards… one bad message.

Two billboards… one bad message.

My first news reel. 

I am a graduate of Syracuse University, Newhouse School of Public Communications. 

Deans List

I have a background in Television and Digital News/Sports reporting and production.

Pop chips contest I applied for- I won “Most poptastic attitude” 

Which means I won a year’s supply of Pop chips… and yes that’s my mother in the video.

I wrote the script, produced, casted and assistant edited this video (2 day period)

I promoted this video and gained 1,000 + votes on Facebook (3 day period)

My audition tape for the Nike Field Reporter job- I won! 

I wrote the script, produced and assistant edited this video (2 day period)

I promoted this video on Facebook/Twitter to win contest (1 month)

My Reel

Assistant editor for this video reel.

Scripts, interview questions, locations, story ideas done by Sarina Morales.